11 ASL Signs for 6-month old+

Hello again! So, you decided to teach your little one some basic signs of ASL. That is great! I can’t express to you enough of how much benefit it will be for you and your little one. It is such an awesome bridge of communication and it will make things a little calmer since your chubs will be able to tell you some of their basic needs. Not only does it help those with Cleft Palate, it is such a big help with all other tiny toes. It can also help you when you are approaching those “Terrible 2’s” at that young age they don’t really know how to express themselves especially what they want or need. So, knowing just the basics will help them to tell you exactly what they want rather than you playing that guessing game with a screaming toddler. I must stress it takes consistency to teach each sign to your young ones. Let’s say you are feeding your little one. Before giving them another bite you would sign “more” and then give them a bite. Keep doing it until you see them interacting and understanding. Then eventually they will repeat what you were just doing. Little ones pick up quick on learning new things if there is consistency. I asked my oldest son to help me with this video clip (I would’ve had Kylan do it, but try having a toddler to do what you want in front of a camera… IMPOSIBBLE… they’d rather be running around). All that said and done let’s begin!

If my video wasn’t clear for you or if you want to learn more there is an app that I downloaded onto my phone and it is amazing! It is called ASL Dictionary for Baby Sign. Here is an image below to make sure you got the right app. I hope my crazy rambling was helpful. Thank you for reading Smile4mama till then…

Keep smiling & have a blessed day!


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