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8+ Soups You Must Try This Chilly Season

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I know its been awhile, but I am back! My family came down with a pretty bad cold, then of course it went down the line and eventually caught up to mommy dearest. I was out of it for over a week. I am finally starting to feel like myself again and now here I am. With this cold season coming into effect (yes Hawaii does have chilly days) I thought to myself why not write up a post with my favorite soups. Fall is my favorite time of year. The color changes in the leaves, having an excuse to wear layers of clothes (here in the islands you cant really do… bummer for islanders), the nearing of the holidays and of course the comfort food!! I’ve been thinking of writing up this post for awhile now and I figured this would be a great time to do so. 

I was able to gather quite a few from these lovely people who were willing to share. All of these are so yummy!!

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It’s Just a Phase Healthy Tomato Soup

Who doesn’t love Tomato soup?! Not to mention it is healthy and she tweaks it up for a kid friendly soup. Adding mini pasta shells, peas and kidney beans spruces it up for the kiddies, I actually wouldnt mind having it the “Child version” You can find Ruth’s Healthy Tomato Soup here.

Being that we are on the topic of tomato. I found this recipe to stand out quite a bit for me. 

Misadventurous Mummy Spicy Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a common childhood favorite for most. When you add peppers, omg… WINNER! I usually enjoy my soups with a kick in it. If it’s not spicy you will find me adding Tabasco. I just enjoy my soups on the spicy side. You can find Emmy’s enjoyable Spicy Tomato Soup over here.

This is another yummy soup recipe. Not to mention the photo is just amazing. Makes you want to gobble it all up.

Captain Bobcat Skinny and Vegan Mediterranean Vegetable Soup with Pearl Barely

This soup is mouth watering. It calls for Butternut squash. Another favorite of mine! I also love the fact that it is very hearty. It has so much veggies, I just love it! (I am a veggie lover). Such a great dish for those cold nights. Eva has more yummy soup recipes, feel free to check her out here. Trust me on this, her photos will make you want to eat your screen. They look so delicious, I was drooling looking them over.

On rain out days you don’t really want to be slaving away over a stove now do you? Besides the heat coming from the stove I know most of us would rather be snuggling under a cozy blanket lounging on the sofa. Here’s a quick and easy soup just for you during those lazy rainy days….

3 Little Ladies and Me Easy Vegetable Soup

It’s perfect for those chilly days. And also great when feeding tiny little ones. There is not much to chew on, so our tiny toes can enjoy themselves with not much difficulty. It is mentioned that her little ladies love it with chunks of cheese and some crusty bread. Mmm… sounds so yummy! You will be sure to find Taryn’s recipe by clicking this link

Corn chowder is another childhood favorite. I have always enjoyed it. Although I always longed for a bit more meat in it besides ham. Now I have found a great recipe that can satisfy me with what I have be longing for.

Confessions of Parenting Chicken Corn Chowder

Now doesn’t that name just make your mouth a bit watery. I know mines is as we speak. There were 2 ingredients that caught my eye, mild diced green chilies and cayenne pepper. As I mentioned earlier I enjoy my soups with a bit of a kick in it. I am so loving this recipe so far. Everything about this makes it unique. Head on over and check out Michele’s Chicken Corn Chowder here. I am telling you it is a recipe to try.

Here is a very simple soup and at the same time amazing. 

Just Average Jen Double Soup of Red and Yellow Peppers

The name alone catches your attention doesn’t it?! This recipe does not call for that many ingredients. That is a plus.  Whenever there is less needed I am always happy with that. A little can always go a long way. Have your taste buds celebrate with Jen’s awesome soup by clicking right here!

I know I mentioned earlier how I love snuggling under a cozy blanket during chilly days. Here is another wonderful recipe that will make those cold days even more enjoyable…

This Glorious Life Slow Cooker Carrot and Lentil Soup.

A slow cooker is by far the greatest invention ever. Not only does it make it easy for those busy days. It is a great contributor for the lazy cold days as well. Enjoy yourself even more with Madeline’s yummy recipe by following this link right here.

Pretty much all vegetables has so much health benefits that comes along with it. Cauliflower is one that I most favor, not only does it taste good it also has its perks. Cauliflower helps to balance hormones, fights inflammation and it

aids in weight loss.

That I love and has so much more. That being said

Craft with Cartwright Cauliflower Cheese Soup

is another must try soup. Did you not see that it calls for CHEESE?? I know I say I love a lot of things so far but Eh.. I am a woman full of love thats what I am. Anywho, here is another yummy one you folks will want to try. Find out how Ruth makes her delicious Cauliflower Cheese soup by clicking here

If you are wanting to try more mouth watering soups for this chilly time of year be sure to head over to Janine’s Little World afterwards.There you will find that Janine has several more must try soups for these coming cold nights. 

Before I end here I’d like to thank all these wonderful people who contributed to make this post possible. I am truly thankful to  have shared this with you all. You are all amazing! 

Hope you all stay nice and warm during those chilly nights, till next time…

Keep smiling & have a blessed day


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