8 years ago

8 years ago…

We were welcome by a handsome baby boy with a head full of hair, dark brown eyes that looked right through you and a smile that only the “privileged” could see.

We were taught A LOT about patience, FAITH, and how to constantly give tender loving.

At just 5 days old, we watched our baby boy fight for his life as he fought a serious case of Viral Meningitis. Thanks to the Lord above, he beat it!

8 years later…

Our baby boy is no longer a baby.

He prefers to be called by Mikel and not Mikey.

He is STILL teaching us patience. (Mikel is as stubborn as a mule)

After 8 years…

we’ve learned that you can feel left out when you’re the ONLY NON-AFFECTED CLEFT.

(Our Mikel finds it unfair that he doesn’t have a cleft lip.)

We’ve seen how big of a heart our boy has…

When he loves, he loves hard. I guess that’s why he was born in the “Love month.”

Within these 8 years…

Our family has had 3x the laughter with Mikel in our lives.

Now looking back on these 8 years…

(Time is not my friend, it flies too fast)

We’ve seen a little boy who couldn’t talk, become a complete opposite and now won’t stop.

We’ve seen a shy, timid boy, become a performer

We witnessed the baby of the family jumped into the “big brother” role so quickly.

A Valentine Themed Mystery Box

And in all these 8 years…

We seen all those tears of frustration turn into tears of joy.

All your struggles you’ve faced you had overcame.

And now you are 8 years old my boy and you’re still growing. Mommy and daddy is so proud of who you’ve become so far. You are so honest (Sometimes too honest), and you love with all your might. We couldn’t ask for anything else.

Happy birthday Mikel Makana Ekeakua!! And may you be blessed with many more to come!!

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