Aloha & Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by! If you haven’t noticed I am a new blog mom and this is my very first blog post. I am so happy you decided to join me on my newest journey. So exciting! My name is Kassie and I am a mom, a wife and now a blogger. Here at Smile4mama I will be mostly talking about “Cleft life” and of course motherhood and lifestyle. If you don’t know me personally here is a known fact we have a few “Clefties.” in my family. You can read up a bit more about my family and I in “Meet the Hams.” I have been told by several people that since I am familiar with the cleft life that I should share my experiences with others. Never really thought of it till now. Being a Cleftie or having a little one with a Cleft can be challenging. So here I am willing to share my experiences with you folks and hopefully help you folks with some of the struggles we faced. If you have any questions or need tips hopefully I can be of help. Feel free to drop a quick note and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Again thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to this journey with you folks beside me. Till then….

Keep smiling & have a blessed day!

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