Daiso Charcoal Mask Review

Growing up I had a mild case of acne until my senior year. It got worse for some odd reason. Luckily that turned around after I had my first son. Even though my acne cleared up, my blackheads on my nose didn’t. My nose is where I am most self conscious besides my mouth. It’s right in the middle of my face and you can see these ugly blackhead of mines.

With 2 older boys and a toddler running around I barely have time to do some self care for myself. That means this mama doesn’t have cleaned eyebrows and rarely gets to shower long enough to get a good shave.

I am always left with a stubble…grrr….

Confessions of a very preoccupied mommy. I am very lucky to have days where I get to put my face on.  

Back to the subject, I used to be a fan of pore strips. Those worked wonders for me, until I notice it getting a bit pricey for just a couple strips. My husband being a saint found this amazing face mask called, Daiso Charcoal Mask made in Japan. You can get this over at Amazon by clicking here.

At first I was skeptical it is a lot cheaper than most charcoal masks. 

I thought to myself, “you buy cheap, you get cheap.” I was not expecting the results I have gotten using this Daiso charcoal mask. For the price it worked great. The plus side of it, I did not scream my head off as I peeled it away. 

I honestly did not feel much pain, besides my tiny hairs getting pulled. I was a bit hesitant after watching videos of others trying charcoal masks. I did not want to be one of them.

I most definetely reccomend this product. For the

Price and the results 

Before using make sure to wash your face with any cleanser you used. I use my Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser along with my silicone scrubber (cleans well and is gentle also).

These 2 works great for my face. This face cleanser is also great when I am removing my make up. Once that is done I apply the Daiso charcoal mask to my face and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Depending on how much you put on. If you want to speed up the process try sitting in front of a fan. The key is waiting until it is fully dry.

Once it is dry, peel away and you will find a bunch of yucky-ness (pretty sure that’s not a word but it is in a toddlers dictionary)

Usually once I am done, I finish it off with my Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for dry and sensitive skin. I picked mines up from our local CVS store. This is great, my skin is very sensitive. My face has always burned from other face creams and lotions, but not now. This is my go to.

I don’t know much about beauty, I am still learning. I just thought I’d share a bit of my face routine. This post is a little different than my usual, but I am hoping to be sharing a little bit more of this type in the future. I hope this has helped some of you. Till next time…

Keep smiling & have a blessed day!!

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