Family Yard Day

Happy Labor Day! I hope you folks are enjoying your long weekend. As for us, it’s our family yard day! Max thought we could spend our Saturday having fun with the kids. Boy it was fun! We took them to the park played some ball, then on a 3-mile walk looking out to the ocean front. Wish I took pictures but I forgot my phone… bummers. Max thought it was best to have family time without electronics. It all worked out, focusing on our family without no distraction was nice.

Since we had fun on Saturday, today (Monday) is our work day. Before Max used to care for the yard on his own and when Mikel was about 2 ½ I’d give him a hand every so often. I haven’t done yard work in so long. Now that the boys are older I decided it’d be best they gave their dad a hand. They are now starting to get a sense of responsibility and just recently I thought we could do yard work as a family. It’s a good way to spend time and work together as a team.  Not to mention they got to see how much their dad works. He is our families sole provider and he takes care of a lot around the house. I wanted my boys to give their dad a hand and show some appreciation towards their dad. Because he does so much for us. I also wanted them to witness how mommy and daddy working together. Their dad helps me out with house chores, they need to see their mom doing the same for their dad. I got to join in on the fun as well. It was such a workout doing the yard! I must say it was an awesome day! SOOO pooped out at the moment. I am falling asleep as we speak!


Just wanted to share just a little bit about our Labor Day Weekend. Hopefully your folks weekend was nice and relaxing. Sometime this week I will be posting one of my “Good Eats” recipes something that it’s quick and easy to cook. Comes in handy during school days when we are busy the most. Also one of my niece’s favs. She should be coming over this week and so she will be one happy little lady! Till then…

Keep smiling & have a blessed day!

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