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Story of a stay-at-Home Mom living in Paradise

Our lives seems so easy to plan when we are young. At 10 years old your teacher asks, “Tell me where you see yourself 25 years from now.” You’d reply, -“Teacher”, “Firefighter”, “Doctor”, the last part was me. I thought I could pick, choose and it’ll happen. I answered, “I’d live in Medford, Or. I’d be an OBGYN and I’d be married to my high school sweetheart with 7 kids.” Not everything happens as planned and sometimes its just not meant to be. Real story, I became a mom and a wife before I knew myself. For that I am glad. Taught me patience, humility, gave me a sense of compassion and selflessness. I am here today not just as a mom, but as a woman who has finally found herself and got herself her own niche. Life does not have to stop at being a mom or a wife. You can do so much more besides being just a “stay-at-home mom” for me I was known as “Kaison’s mom” for the longest. Now I am living in paradise, working from my computer while being a wife and a mom. Life doesn’t end here. Still more to come (:
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