My Boy You Are Growing Too Fast!

               If I could say one thing Kaison you are growing way too fast. It feels like you were born just yesterday, and this morning you just took your first steps. Now you are 9 -years-old. Aww, my son…

I can recall this day like no other. The day I became a mom. I was full of fear, excitement and… a 5-pound baby (with extra extra retained water). Our original due date was not till October 28th but plans changed. I remember the night before delivery we got a little scare. I was asleep in the hospital bed and was woken by nurses and doctors surrounding me.

They were concerned because your little heartrate had dropped. It was just mommy… I was lying in an odd position. Daddy was at work, and I was advised to call him back to the hospital or he will miss the delivery. With no car, he ran to the bus, then jumped onto the light rail.

When he reached our hospital room he was sweating and completely out of breath. With adrenalin running through him the doctor comes into the room to tell us the delivery is canceled. Well you know how that played out afterwards…. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Since Daddy’s return to us from Micronesia you lil trooper gave him a bunch of run arounds and false alarms. You were so good before he came home to us. Suddenly we had multiple doctor appointments (2-3x a week), hospital visits and stay overs. We were living out of St. Vincent Hospital for pretty much the ending of our pregnancy. Daddy was ready for his boy to get here.

Finally, the day came and doctors said it was time to have our baby boy. Before Daddy could even call into his work he needed to get reassurance that today was the day. He asked, “Doc are you sure today is the day?” Doctor laughed and said, “yes it’s real this time.” He was so excited he could not stop dancing.

Before we knew it Kaison was born. 5 pounds 1 ounce just a teeny bit heavier than a bag of sugar. You were the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Tiniest ten fingers and toes. Your cry was so soft and I can’t believe I am saying this the sweetest sound EVER. It sounded more of a little laugh. Your tiny temporary brace for your clubbed foot was scary but when I look back it was cute.

 We had a tough first year and we overcame it all together. Brought our family closer than ever. Opened my eyes that God does work miracles. Now you my boy are 9 years old and still striving. Happy birthday my sweetheart! I cannot wait to see what kind of man you will grow to be. No girls yet please son… I’d like to have you to myself for as long as I can. Please year take your time, my baby is growing too fast.

Kaison may you keep on smiling with your special smile


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    1. Thank you Whitney! Yes it sure does. Now I understand why my parents kept telling me to slow down on growing up.

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