Max, my husband and my bestfriend. Like I said I don’t have many friends, and he is at the top of my VERY short list of friends. He has always been my supporter and he has actually loved me for me even with my Cleft and all the dorkiness that comes with. He had shown me that not everyone is shallow. The one thing I admire the most about Max is that he has never once asked me what happened to my mouth when we started dating. We just never talked about it, up until we had Kaison (of course he then had the right to know). Not only is it his heart that makes him accept me as I am, but we both share the experience of feeling different and left out. He understands what it’s like growing up with a birth defect and dealing with everyday challenges. Only thing my “scars” the whole world can see it and as for his “scars” he gets to hide it in his shoe. Max was born with a Clubbed foot and if you read about Kaison (our oldest son) you will see that he too has a Clubbed foot. We both have experience physical pain, he still suffers it on a daily basis due to his foot. I admire him though, it has never stopped him from doing anything. I guess his foot is what made him have all of that determination he has in him. We both came from divorced parents, so it kinda made us more driven to keep our family together. Don’t get me wrong our relationship is FAR from perfect. We fell in love very young, then got pregnant waay too soon. Those 2 put together calls for a disaster! We were together for about a year on and off. We had just gotten back together and then about 2 months into our rekindled relationship Max had to go to Micronesia for a funeral. I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks after Max had left. We were apart from each other for pretty much most of my pregnancy. He had only been back in the U.S with me for about 3-4 weeks and boom Kaison was born. We didn’t know much about each other except what would tick the other one off. Do you think we tried to avoid it? NOPE! We did it anyways…. Don’t ask me why because till this very day I have no clue as to why we behaved that way. I guess you could call it juvenile. 10 years later we try our hardest not to tick each other off. It’s just too exhausting…. so nowadays we try to pick our fights. What is really worth fighting over…I know not those dirty socks he keeps leaving all over the bedroom! Besides him being a great husband, he is an amazing daddy. I don’t think I could ask for anyone else to be the father of my boys. As for how he reacted to our son being born with a cleft…. he handled it a lot better than I expected. Becoming a new dad is a big deal as is, adding in a child with special needs makes it more challenging. He was freaked as was I, but as time passed it became the “norm” for us. If any dads have any questions feel free to write. Max will be more than willing to help you dads out! We are just like any other parent living life day by day and learning as we go.