Mikel is our second son. He is just 15 months younger than Kaison. At this point in my life I was now 21 years old with 2 boys one of them with special needs. I sure had my hands full. I am not perfect, I did not take my birth control pill right. Brilliant me! That is why nowadays I prefer the birth control patch. Looking back, I am glad, my boys had each other’s company. Due to a random case of frequent fevers my doctor decided to deliver me a little early.  Mikel was born at 35 weeks old another preemie baby. He weighed 6 pounds and 1 ¼ ounces. Born a week earlier than Kaison but a pound heavier. Mikel was as healthy as a horse, no cleft lip or cleft palate at all. A day after giving birth we were given the okay to go home. Kaison was in a bit of a shock when he met his baby brother. But he fell into the big brother role quick. At 4 day’s old Mikel seemed to be a little lethargic throughout the day. The time of his birth we were not warned about co-sleeping. So, he slept in the bed with me. I had my back turned to Mikel at first, then I felt the need to face him. As I turned around Mikel had looked pale under the lamp lighting. I asked Max to turn the bedroom light on so I could see his color better. Once again history seemed to have repeated itself. Max walked me through performing CPR as we drove to town. We lived about 45 minutes away from the hospital and we needed to drop Kaison off to my parents. Luckily Mikel was not in too much distress and I was able to gently press his chest as Max drove us. Here we were at the hospital and my nightmare was replaying all over again. Max and I were standing outside of the examination room with the curtains pulled shut. We were just footsteps away from our baby boy. I could hear the constant beeping of the machines, and I could hear the alarm go off every time he stopped breathing. I was too familiar of the sound. Unfortunately, our hospital is not fully equipped to handle critical situations so we were transported over to Kapi’olani Women and Children’s Hospital. The doctors diagnosed Mikel with Viral Meningitis. Because Mikel was a preemie, his cold that he was exposed to from his older brother turned into Viral Meningitis. Luckily, we caught it in time and he was treated right away. Mikel did a quick recovery and we were reunited back at home with Kaison. Mikel surprises us in so many ways. After Mikel turned one we noticed he wasn’t speaking yet. We were so confused thinking to ourselves how could this be. He is perfectly fine; his mouth is normal and he is such a happy child. Not sure if it was because his older brother was not talking very much either (due to the cleft palate) Mikel was referred to Easter Seals. If you are unfamiliar with Easter Seals. They are an organization with a team of specialists to help children with special needs. They provide services for families of special needs with speech therapists, occupational therapists and so on (I will be writing more about them in another post). Back to Mikel, Easter Seals worked with him till he was 3 years old getting him school ready. Shortly after Mikel enrolled into preschool through a DOE (department of education) we saw a huge difference. He was talking like any other 3-year-old. I guess he just needed to be introduced to other kids like him. Mikel is now 7 years old and healthy as he can be. He is our sensitive one believe it or not. He feels that it is not fair that God did not make his mouth like his mommy and brothers. It is difficult enough being a middle child, to add two brothers who has something in common and he does not can make it a sticky situation. It’s funny how things turn around here I was thinking how difficult it was to be different from my siblings. Now my son who is perfect in our eyes feels like the odd ball in our family. We try our best to put time aside to give Mikel quality time without his other brothers. I believe it is the time we put into his brother’s appointments and surgeries that takes the attention from him. It’s all a working progress.